About this site

Welcome to the computer security website!

Imagine a stranger coming up to you as you walk around the city and asking if you could lend him the keys to your home for a while. Do you find this notion absurd? In the real world, no one would fall for that. It’s different on the computer. Up to 70% of people are duped by online fraudsters and, when prompted by a fraudulent email, enter their login details on a fraudulent website (such as those from an online banking firm or from their email account).

Imagine someone constantly watching what you do on your computer or on your mobile. Do you find this notion absurd? Yet it’s actually true. All your online activity is logged, so-called. Sometimes it’s a legitimate web traffic monitor, sometimes your activities are logged for service improvement purposes and sometimes for the advertising business. And sometimes it’s completely illegal surveillance. The truth is that moving online is like moving through a city full of cameras where there is no unbamed corner. Seriously, practically nothing on the Internet is private, not even the contents of your email inbox or the contents of your social media conversation with your friends.

That’s why we prepared this site for you. We would like to show you how to behave safely and how to keep your data private.