Blackmail examples

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Pay up or we’ll publish allegations of pedophilia


Have you received an “official” email from Europol, accusing you of pedophilia? Not knowing what it is and what do they want? It’s simple, they just want your money.

Here’s what the first email might look like:

blackmail mail5

If you don’t notice that the return address is actually from Gmail or another freemail and you write back to the mail and look rather naive and make a few grammatical errors best, the crooks are likely to reply:

blackmail mail6

Now it’s becoming clear. There’s a looming possibility of getting out of this unscathed by simply paying a fine. If you react scared and scared enough, they’ll let you stew for a while longer and then send instructions for payment:

blackmail mail7

That the beneficiary’s account is in Switzerland, the owner is a privat person and the reason for payment should be “real estate purchase” and not “Europol fine”? There is a simple and logical explanation for this - after all, in your own interest, you want everything to be done discreetly.

Negative company reviews on Google and Seznam


Blackmail attempt


blackmail mail4

Pay up or I’ll publish your data


Only bluff. No computer/router hack.

blackmail mail3


Only bluff. No computer hack, no recipient e-mail account hack. Only From: address falsified. Its easy to do.

blackmail mail2


The same, older version.


blackmail mail1